Allan Glen's School Club

Glens Coat of Arms Colour 2Allan Glen’s School, founded in 1853, developed from a school providing a "good practical education for the sons of tradesmen", to being the principal science school in Scotland and was often referred to as ‘the High School of Science.

Although the school closed some years ago, the School Club is still active, not only in keeping memories of the school and Allan Glen alive, but also encouraging and supporting engineering and science education.

On this site you will see some of the history of Allan Glen's School and also how the Club is moving forward with schemes to help pupils at Glasgow schools enter the world of engineering.

The Past

Allan Glen's School, founded in Glasgow in 1853, became known as the High School of Science, with a reputation for excellence in science and engineering.

The Present

The School Club is involved with a number of initiatives to promote and support science and engineering education.

The Future

The Club continues to support and encourage engineering students, but also innovates with new initiatives like Allan Glen's Tutors.